YouTube Proxy

What is a Proxy?

  A Proxy server is nothing but a computer or a server through which the request has been processed. So proxy acts as a gateway between you and the internet with security and anonymity. In this way, a proxy can be called an intermediary between your machine and the internet. The proxy can be used in many ways such as accessing restricted sites going around age-restricted or parental blocks.    

What is a VPN?

A VPN service helps you to redirect the traffic through third party services. VPN is a very convenient way to if you don't have access to the restricted site. You need to install additional software to connect to the VPN service or configure your operating system.    

Why Use a Proxy?

    Using the Proxy is a way to hide on the internet it is the best way to surf anonymously over the internet. By connecting through a proxy the real IP address or your IP address will be hidden from the rest of the world. This method is safe and can provide privacy then connecting to the internet directly. There are many free and paid services which are also known as VPN. Unblock YouTubeĀ for free by using our free Proxy.  

How to use YouTube Proxy?

    Just click on the Go button provided above and you will be redirected to UnblockYouTubehd also supports any website. All you need to do is put the URL in the URL box provided above and click on the "Go" button. Lastly, Some direct links of popular websites are also provided above.  

Unblock YouTube Features


Unblock any Website

With our YouTube Proxy you can access any website easily which is not accessible in your country.

Encrypted and Secure Browsing

With our YouTube Proxy you can access any website easily which is not accessible in your country.

Fast YouTube Proxy

Fast Servers

We ensure scalability and performance with our fast and secure servers.


Maintain Anonymity

Surf the internet while maintaining anonymity with our Unblock YouTube Proxy. With UnblockYouTubeHD hide your real identity, IP address, location and other activities online. The proxy is a perfect way to protect yourself from search engines, shopping sites, and hackers.


Mobile Friendly

Our tool is mobile friendly and users can surf on any device by using our Unblock Proxy. It supports any mobile device such as Android, iOS, and Windows.